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Energy label and Housing Evaluation

Energy label

“The energy label for homes shows how economical a house is and what you can do to make it more energy efficient”

Housing Evaluation System

“The points system (officially: Housing Evaluation System) is a system that expresses the quality of a rental home, room or caravan in a number of points. A maximum permitted rent is linked to this number of points. The maximum permitted rent for each point total is determined annually (as of 1 July) by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.”

Leida Mulder (EP Adviseur)

Who Am I

Since 2001 working in real estate management.

 Starting in 2003, we started making points counts for the rental of homes that are being rented out or are about to be rented out.

 In the first few years I spent a lot of time with the rent assessment committee and with the Housing Department of the municipality of Amsterdam. So that we know exactly how the rules should be applied, and the points we make are equal to those of the rent assessment committee and the Housing Department of Amsterdam. So that the owner knows for sure how many points the house has, and whether or not it is a free sector.

 This prevents many problems with renting out the houses.

 Certified from 2011 for making energy labels for homes. The energy label is also included in the scoring. As a result, the owner has a greater chance of obtaining a private sector home. Because we can now offer everything in 1 package, the owner has less costs and has a good and clear report for the home.

 From 2021 it is also mandatory for sales to have an energy label. An energy label is valid for 10 years. After that, a consultant has to come to record the house and make a new label, which is signed off by the government.